Walnut Avenue – New Construction
Manhattan Beach, CA

This design and install was in the tree section of Manhattan Beach was a front back yard combination. 

In keeping with our efforts to reduce water consumption in the South Bay and create beautiful – low maintenance landcspape design in the process, we opted to provide turf instead of lawn, so that families with children and pets had space to play – which could easily be set to second as an outdoor dining space, should an event happen and the the need arise.

low water succulants and drought tolerant plantings fed by drip irrigation in the raised planter beds, which also act as bench backing in the sunken conversation area.

The result is a very modern feel – clean lines and lush, but simple and easy to maintain.

Sunken Conversation Areas

We like aspect and dimension in our design.  Given the opportunity we divide areas to define and create unique spaces.  We often do this with use of elevation change – which can lead to enhanced intimacy and deliniation of an area.

For this back yard elevation was a factor from the beginning.  The natural slope of the hills in Manhattan Beach can result in drastic grade changes from the neighboring lots – which was the case with this property.

We took the obstacle of the massive 15 foot retaining wall needed to separate this lot from the next, by turning it into a raised wall with planter bed atop.

We naturalized with wall with stack stone which became the perfect backdrop for a built in fireplace and sunken conversation area.

To offset the height of the wall – we actually sunk the conversation area – enhancing depth with raised planters, which acted as bench backing for the seating area.