Succulent Wall Installation
Redondo Beach, CA

This design and install in North Redondo Beach was a front yard remodel. 

The family was looking for some lawn space for their 2 children, and some privacy from the neigboring house.

We broke up an expanse of newly installed fencework with a trio of succulent art wall.  Home made in our own garden, we shopped at our local growers and pulled from our own collection to create a living work of art.

The walls are hydrated through drip irrigation and need very little water once established.  Moisture from the coastal air as well as an occasional soak from the system is all it takes to keep them thriving year round.

It is beautiful, low maintenance – and fun to make!

Living Succulent Walls

At the end of it all – plants are the foundation of what we do.  We love to create beautiful living art through texture and color.

Given the opportunity to do something unique for a property – we typically jump at the chance, as was the case for this living wall in Redondo Beach.

The process was time consuming, each cutting needing to be first layed out in the design, then spliced to fit the space, and carefully planted between the screen mesh that holds the aggregated soil in place.

The end result was more than worth it.  The property owners ended up with a unique and welcoming enhancement to their front yard and accent to the entrance of their home.