Succulent Garden – Redondo Beach

Who says that you need elbow room? Our succulent gardens tend to disagree.
We prefer to bunch together clusters of texture and color to come up with vibrant living works of art.  

Water efficient, easy to maintain and care for – succulents are not only amazingly beautiful – they are also quite eco friendly.

We clustered these little plantings together in this front yard garden to create curbside appeal, as well as provide the homeowner with a drought tolerant, eco conscious planting plant that looks lush but doesn’t take the water that a lush garden typically desires.

Succulents are fun! We love to create with them.

Creating with Succulents

We live in a fragile environment. Anything we can do to create sustainability is important to our community, our children and to the planet we inhabit.

There is a fine balance between having what you want today and providing a space for others tomorrow.

This is one of the reasons we love to work with succulents. They are drought resistant, low maintenance, hearty plants that you can use to make your yard lush and beautiful without consuming more water than other thirsty plant selections.

For the uninitiated this is a daunting task (as we found on our first venture through it)

Masterpeace Gardens design team understands lush. We love vibrant. We need color, pop and flare. Succulents – done correctly – are a perfect match and super fun to watch grow.