Masterpeace Outdoor Hardscape Design
Pool and Living Room
Manhattan Beach, CA

Drawing the outside in.  This tranquil back yard getaway in Manhattan Beach provides indoor comfort outdoors.

The extended living room and sitting area directly off the main den extends the home kitchen area and dramatically increased the families usable space.

What was before an underutilized portion of their home, is now one of the most desirable places to be.


Extension of the inner living space outside


This backyard prior to our remodel was a sloped patch of grass that never got used.  The “usable space” was virtually non existent, and the family rarely ventured into the back yard area.

We reinvisioned the space by extending the inside out – adding the pergola with recessed lights and living room comfort.

The addition of a combination bbq / fireplace /  wine and beverage chiller and outdoor tv for entertaning creates an extension of the usable living space.


Comfort Redefined

A secondary living space outside.  A place to gather with family and friends for conversation and a refreshing drink.

The television / fireplace is a favorite feature for creatures of comfort.

Outdoor Hardscapes and their master crews did fantastic work on this property, taking in every detail and recreating it with stunning effect.

The pool and spa, with the cascading water spillway provide a visual backdrop, as well as the soothing flow of the waterfall spillway for ambient sound.