Thoughtful Well Planned Design with Exceptional Attention to Detail
Masterpeace Gardens Landscape Design – We create living art.

Stunning 3D Designs

Every design we do is rendered in stunning 3D detail.  You know exactly how things will layout because we model your new outdoor living in it’s entirety before ever breaking ground.

Hardscape & Outdoor Living

We design from the inside out – spilling outdoor living through effortless flow.   Pools, spas, conversation areas, fire pits, BBQ’s, pergolas, water features, and of course, Masterpeace Gardens

Softscapes & Living Green

Organic Elements = Organic Living.  Green is what we do.  No matter the size or scope of our projects – it all comes down to playing in the dirt – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Masterpeace Gardens Landscape Designs Vida Verde Planting Palettes

Used to brighten your surroundings and soften the edges of your world and outdoor space
Vida Verde planting pallets are the perfect blend of nature & nurture
Living Green – it’s the way we do what we do

Eco Conscious

Southern California is a arid dry atmosphere (even with the fog and coastal marine layer) Conscious of our imprint on the environment, we strive to create eco friendly plantscapes

Drought Tolerant Design

Your surroundings can be beautiful as well as drought resistant. Our planting palettes include an abundance of color and texture

Pura Vida Verde

Having traveled extensively to enrich our process as much as possible with influences from around the world, we do our best to bring a unique and tranquil  sustainability to each and every outdoor living design we create